Our Social Area
At The Centre, we recognise the importance of socialising and that Neuro Condition sufferers can feel isolated, so we build 30 minute breaks into each sessions for members to relax and chat between classes. You are also very welcome to stay after the morning session has finished to continue conversations with your friends (bring some lunch if you like).
We pride ourselves on our open, friendly and all inclusive atmosphere. Our members give support to each other and share advice which is invaluable.
We also host a selection of fund-raising events throughout the year, details of which can be found in our Fundraising and Events section.

"I initially came to the Centre after I was diagnosed, on the recommendation of the local MS nurse as the waiting times for physio, and specialist care were horrendous. It is nice to be able to talk to others without it all becoming about our "condition", who can empathise about the challenges we face but it's not all about that. We get fit and have a natter and a laugh... and of course tea and cake. "  - Sue, Croydon.

Support us

Donations are really important to the continued running of the Ryan Neuro Therapy Centre, particularly as we receive no government funding.