We run a selection of Exercise Classes to complement our gym sessions.
Once you have been assessed, you will be advised by the Physiotherapist which classes will be best for you and you can 'mix and match' sessions to suit your needs
Classes are  available to members on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with morning sessions running from 10 - 12 and afternoon sessions from 12.30 - 2.30 (each session is 45 minutes long with a 30 minutes refreshment break)

All classes have some flexibility and are adapted around each
participants needs. Here is a general guide:

  • Seated Neuro Active -Classes can be done sitting on a bench or from a wheelchair – some active arm movement is needed. Some small equipment is used for part of the class such as a pole, small weights, resistance bands.
  • Pilates and Floor classes -Participants need to be able to get onto a mat on the floor. Pilates tends to be more dynamic than the floor classes - it is helpful if you can move more freely.
  • Seated Yoga -Suitable for most – but you do need to be able to move around freely in a chair and have enough strength in your stomach muscles to lean forwards and come back to a sitting position.
  • Active -Participants need to be able to spend a portion of the class working in the standing position.
Class Timetable

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