Being diagnosed with a Neurological Condition can be a devastating experience but we can help you

Research shows that targeted exercise and physiotherapy can aid greatly with the symptoms, improving gait, balance, mobility & fatigue. At The Ryan Neuro Therapy Centre we have specialist physiotherapists who can assess your needs then advise & treat related issues.

"We exercise in class but the Centre means so much more than just exercise. We have a laugh!" - Julie, Oxted

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"I was impressed that the physios classes were designed to keep me as mobile as possible and I found that the exercises had a good effect on my balance and overall strength from the start” - Marion, Sutton

The Ryan Neuro Therapy Centre is a small, self-funded charity and we rely entirely on fundraising, grants and donations to provide the £315k we need each year to run the Centre. We ask that members make a monthly donation towards costs and will be happy to discuss with you to agree an affordable amount.