MeetOur team

The physiotherapy team

Our physiotherapy team

We are very proud of our hard working physio team. They are the core of our work here at The Ryan Neuro Therapy Centre.

The team has a wide variety of physio experience which can help our members with Neuro Conditions.

Here is Senior Physiotherapist Sarah Ward with some of her team.

Key team members

Jane Legg

Operations Administration Manager

Sarah-Jane Ward

PhysiotherapY Manager

Bonnita Apperley


Karen Williams



Richard Bowden


Dr Julie Taylor


Joanne Kibbey

David Gibbs

Jack Cottrell

Mel Jewell

The volunteers

Our physiotherapy team

We are truly grateful to our army of volunteers including our trustees, those that serve refreshments, run the reception desk, count cans and generally support the Neuro Centre team through admin, fundraising or helping with the physio classes.

We really could not function as well as we do without them.

Support us

Donations are really important to the continued running of the Ryan Neuro Therapy Centre, particularly as we receive no government funding.