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Our mission is to help those with A Neurological Condition take control and lead happy, healthy and independent lives. Our friendly team of physiotherapists provide our members with the knowledge to help manage their symptoms and support them through any changes to their situation.

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We are an independent registered charity that welcomes everyone with a Neuro Condition. We provide a friendly and valuable service which is available Monday to Friday. The Centre is well equipped, fully accessible and has plenty of parking.

It is important  to have an outlet and a place which offers a range of therapies in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We fulfil this need in a very positive way. At our Centre you will meet like-minded friends, and enjoy a variety of therapies. You will also find the information group support invaluable in coping with Neuro Conditions.

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Donations are really important to the continued running of the Ryan Neuro Therapy Centre, particularly as we receive no government funding.